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copy rolex Milgauss Oystersteel Black Dial Watch m116400gv-0001

The Rolex Milgauss is one of the brand’s watches and occupies the second place in the catalogue. If models like Submariner or GMT-Master or Daytona are popular with kids (Jox and the King of the Ball), then Milgauss’ model is more like a chess club.
The rotating bezel is replaced by a sleek, polished bezel, the black honeycomb dial is missing a plain matte dial, and the jagged seconds hand resumes the standard straight, red-tipped lettering.

It’s a watch for professionals, not copy rolex Milgauss Oystersteel Black Dial Watch m116400gv-0001 sports watches, so it’s never competed for popularity with products that create more glitz and glamour. It’s always quiet and humble, but powerful, favoring substance over style.
Like several others in the Rolex family, Migos was built out of necessity. Its birth began in 1954, at the dawn of atomic age, and one story of the model’s origins is that scientists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, contacted Rolex directly and asked for a watch that they could wear safely while trying to unlock it. The secret of the universe in the world’s highest energy particle accelerator. However true it is, and there is little evidence that it is not beyond the realm of possibility – after all, it is the same as GMT-Master (Pan-Am) and Sea-Resident (COMEX) should be.

Like many other scientists, engineers and medical experts working on the frontiers of new technology, the problem CERN coffins encounter is electromagnetic fields. The high-intensity magnetism you’ll often encounter in any of these occupations can bend and distort the tiny internal components of a mechanical table. In fact, prolonged exposure to forces of only 50-100 gauss (the strength of a refrigerator magnet) can render an unprotected movement useless.
Rolex’s solution was to shield the Perfect Replica Watches UK Milgauss movement in a second case, which is actually a Faraday soft iron cage that transfers magnetic energy from the mechanism.

The first reference to their new work, ref. The 6543 was indeed tested by CERN and found to resist pressures up to 1,000 gauss and named for it. Thousandths of a franc, a unit of Gaussian flux density.


BEZEL : Smooth

BRACELET : Oyster, flat three-piece links

DIAL : Black

That’s just the model of the prototype, which bears inextricable resemblance to the recently released Submariner, with the only difference being the honeycomb dial. The double-layer metal mesh adds an additional level of protection.
Referee. The 6543 was produced in less than two years and manufactured in quantities totaling about 150 before being replaced by its successor, the REF. Introduced in 1956, the 6541, which also shares many of the Sub’s design details, features a black rotating bezel and a 38mm stainless steel Oyster case. But those lunatics at Rolex did add a crazy character to Milgauss to set him apart from the models at Diver. Referring to its impressive resistance, the seconds hand turned into a lightning bolt shape. Although the watch has been a best seller throughout its history, this particular quirk has become a recognizable feature of the brand.

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