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Why has Rolex, one of the world’s finest watches, remained hot for over a century?

In a word, Rolex is tough enough. Reliable, precise and durable, these are the shining labels of Rolex.

  1. Having its own laboratory

Rolex has several laboratories at its headquarters in Switzerland, equipped with a strong team of researchers. The team even includes chemists and geologists. This team is “obsessed” with researching and improving various techniques related to watchmaking: there is a chemistry laboratory, lubricants to make the production lines run more smoothly, geologists to study the purity of diamonds, and people to formulate Rolex’s exclusive gold.

They get 24-carat gold from their suppliers, but they don’t use it directly on their watches. Instead, they have their own research and development team take this 24-carat gold and blend it to create a gold that has a golden hue, that doesn’t tarnish easily, that doesn’t oxidise or corrode easily, that is beautiful and durable, and that is unique to Rolex.

  1. All movements are assembled and tested by hand

Rolex is assembled by hand, from movement to bracelet, except for the steps that are not suitable for assembly by hand. Historically, watchmakers were able to certify their own chronometers, a process that clearly entailed the risk of fraud. To guarantee the quality of its chronometers, Rolex has chosen to submit its watches to official certification, regardless of the cost and the extra time required. The constant movement calibres are renowned for their chronometric performance. The movements are not only works of art but extraordinary miniature creations, combining at the same time a variety of shapes, forms, volumes, colours and surfaces, with some finishes polished and some with circular graining, meticulously crafted.

  1. Rolex has no supplier of accessories

A Rolex Submariner (self-winding mechanical watch, calibre 3135) comprises a total of more than 200 parts. These 200 parts are forged, polished, machined and assembled one by one by Rolex in its own factory in Switzerland, taking rough steel. In other words, this factory only imports raw materials from outside, such as steel, gold and diamonds.

All the forging and post-processing of raw materials is carried out in Rolex’s own closed factory. This is why their technology is so confidential and independent that they do not rely on any suppliers, and the outside world has no access to the methods, moulds or channels used to process these components.

This is why the watch industry has a saying: “Rolex watches are just as good as money”.

  1. Only Rolex uses 904L steel

This type of steel has several advantages: firstly, it is more resistant to corrosion and rust than other types of steel and is more robust. Secondly, it is clear that 904L steel gives a more beautiful finish to bracelets and dials, whether brushed or polished.

But 904L is more expensive and costly than other steels. This is because 904L steel has the disadvantage that as the steel gets harder, it becomes more difficult to forge. Rolex had to change all the production lines associated with forging steel in order to use this steel. No watchmaker has ever had to change an entire production line at any cost for the slightest difference in the polish of the steel, which is very costly. It is fair to say that a Rolex steel watch is a drop in the bucket, much more so than an Omega!

  1. With sophisticated watchmaking instruments

Rolex has more sophisticated and advanced watchmaking machines than other watchmakers, and adheres to a watchmaking philosophy that brings out the best in machines and human hands.

  1. Following a rigorous production process

It usually takes around a year to complete all the formalities, from forging the metal, machining the parts, fitting the movement, assembling the bracelet, testing, secondary testing and re-checking, to the completion of a top-quality chronometer, certified by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Centre (COSC) and, after assembly, certified by Rolex and packaged for shipment (despite an annual production of one million pieces or more). Each Rolex is produced through a rigorous process and there are no shortcuts.

So when you get a brand new Rolex watch from an authorised dealer, don’t doubt its quality, because the watch has been abused in the Rolex factory for I don’t know how many hundreds of times.

So how exactly do you pick a Rolex?

Rolex watches, if you want to divide from a broader perspective, is actually three types of watches, one is such as log type (Day Just) and day calendar type (Day Date) of formal watches, one is such as the water ghost (Submariner), Daytona (Daytona), Greenwich (GMT) and other sports watches, there is also a class is Cellini (Cellini) represented by the non-day with the table (Cellini has been discontinued, from its artistry, individuals prefer to classify it as a collection type series).

The first thing a novice needs to know is what he or she wants. There is a popular “fast and furious” approach to Rolex sales in China, where you are given a recommendation for a watch. As soon as you enter the shop, the salesperson will ask what you want to see or whether you want to give it as a gift or wear it yourself. If you want to give it as a gift, what is your budget, your age, your gender, whether it is for daily use or for an occasion, etc. After a series of eliminations it’s time to recommend the right watch for your range.

As a white boy, you can ignore terms like Oyster Perpetual, MIGAUSS, Submariner, Explorer, GMT, etc. that you don’t understand at all. What you need to think about is what features you want in a watch – whether you want a simple three-hand, dual time, or date, in steel, interlocking gold or full gold, and so on. These requirements will go a long way towards helping you choose the right Rolex.

NO.1 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 Black Dial

The Diagonal has always been Rolex’s most complicated watch and a hard-core product, although it is called a complication, it actually only has a chronograph function and the numbers on the outer ring are used for simple tachymetry. The watch is powered by the 4130 self-winding chronograph movement, developed entirely in-house by Rolex, which keeps time to 1/8th of a second. The Blackface Steeldi has been a sought-after piece since its introduction, thanks to Rolex’s precision and durability. Despite the addition of a chronograph function, which is slightly more complicated, it is still one of the best watches in its class for accuracy and durability.

The new Diagonal Ref. 116500LN, launched at Baselworld this year, is also hard to find and has long been priced at a premium. The physical difference between the two is only a ceramic ring, the rest is identical. However, it is still the dream of many “Rolex fans” to own a “Panda Di”.

NO.2 Rolex Submariner 11610LV Green

The Green Ghost is everyone’s nickname for the Submariner, and there are currently two main types, the Green Ghost and the Black Ghost, the Green Ghost is undoubtedly the hottest seller, as long as it arrives in shops, basically it won’t stay for a few days before it’s gone. First launched in 2010, the Green Water Ghost is characterised by its “green gold” coating on the watch’s surface using PVD technology, and its green gold ration is a secret. The Green Water Ghost has quickly become popular since its launch for the following reasons: firstly, its classic design; secondly, its outstanding performance; then, its low production; and finally, its hype. At present, it is basically difficult to see at domestic boutiques and dealers, occasionally a few will come, the current official offer is still 70,000 yuan, it is only a pity that the money is difficult to buy goods.

The Black Water Ghost is a model that was launched to fill a huge gap in the market for the Green Water Ghost, but it’s not “black gold”, it’s black ceramic. As the Aquatimer is a classic in its own right, and with the “tossing” of the Green Ghost, the Black Ghost is a good choice and is now officially offered at 65,900.

11610LN Black Ghost

NO.3 Rolex Logitech 116233 Champagne with diamonds

The Rolex Logbook in gold has been a hot seller since the old days. People used to buy it because it had a good meaning, as it had gold, silver and diamonds, which meant “in, win and earn” and was a favourite among businessmen at the time. Nowadays, although the obsession with these has diminished, the Logbook Intergold model has enough advantages over the high price of the Rolex Day Date to satisfy the desires of those who like gold watches. The movement is the 3315 self-winding calibre, which is an addition to the Rolex base calibre 3130 with a date display.

Dogtooth ring, contoured lugs, five-bead strap, Oyster case, automatic, date fast jump, chronometer …… all this is enough to make the DJ a timeless classic in the hearts of Rolex fans.

NO.4 Rolex Day-Date II Ref. 218238

“The official name of the Rolex Day-Date is the Osyter Perpetual Day-Date, the earliest version of which is the President series, because the President of the United States used to wear the Rolex Day-Date. The first DD was the President’s watch, because the President of the United States used to wear an all-gold Rolex DD, so this watch became famous and became what we call the “President’s Watch”. In four simple words, this watch is water resistant, automatic, calendar and day of the week.

NO.5 Rolex Rolex Greenwich II 116710LN Mechanical Men’s Watch

A collection of many classic Rolex elements: graduated bezel, blister, Oyster strap, a design that has remained unchanged for half a century and carries on a Rolex myth. With its 24-hour hand and independently adjustable 12-hour hand, it allows the watch to function as usual while setting the time in another time zone, ensuring that every second counts, making it ideal for the businessman who travels frequently between continents. The green hands may not be striking at first glance, but they are unobtrusive enough to be worn with both casual and formal wear.

NO.6 Rolex MILGAUSS 116400GV-72400

This watch is affectionately known as the “Green Glass”, and I’m sure you’ve all heard of Rolex’s “Green Glass”. If you find a Rolex watch with a lightning seconds hand, you can be sure that it is a MILGAUSS model. This model has an excellent anti-magnetic design, both in the form of an anti-magnetic cover on the underside of the case made of a paramagnetic alloy, which allows it to function accurately at magnetic densities of up to 1,000 gauss. The movement is the self-winding calibre 3131, which differs from the 31310 in its pin-axis design due to the antimagnetic cover inside the caseback, and the 3131 movement has a blued niobium hairspring to increase its resistance to magnetism.

NO.7 Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm Series 116000 Silver Disc

Rolex’s entry-level watch, the precision and durability of Rolex watches is evident in this collection. It is also the most shipped series of Rolex watches today. This model uses UK Replica Rolex current base movement, the 3130 self-winding movement, which is a non-calendar version, and the 3135 movement, which has an added calendar.

NO.8 Rolex Explorer II 216570

Launched in 2011, this watch has been enlarged from its original diameter of 40 mm to a generous and easy-to-read 42 mm case, with a CHROMALIGHT luminous display that makes it easy to read in any environment. The distinctive orange 24-hour hand, with its arrow-shaped end, echoes the prototype of the 1971 Explorer II. The middle case is cast in the same 904L stainless steel as the case, and the triangular pitted caseback is screwed on with the exclusive tools of Rolex watchmakers, making the case completely watertight to 100 metres. The screw-down, double-buckle-locked water-resistant crown ensures water resistance to 100 metres. The watch can also display dual time zones. The traditional hand indicates local time, while the 24-hour hand on a progressive graduated bezel indicates the time in a second time zone. The local time can be easily adjusted using the independent jumping hands by means of a subtle mechanism controlled by the winding crown.

There is no magic marketing for Replica Rolex Watches, the secretive corporate executive rarely appears and hardly ever gives interviews to the press. This century-old brand has survived, presumably by word of mouth, and that word of mouth is the watchmaker’s conscience.

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